DFIs: Your Partner for African Development – The 2nd Seminar

AFRECO presents

supported by UNIDO, JETRO & JICA

On-line Seminar Series DFIs: Your Partners for African Development

~Based on MOU between SADC-DFRC and AFRECO, Japan~

The 2nd Seminar   Republic of South Africa: Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)


Date & Time 29 Oct, 2020   15:00-16:30 (Tokyo time)

Presenter     Industrial Development Corporation

Language       English

Fee                 Free

Please find the attached documents for your reference. 00 is the updated agenda, 01-04 are the documents for the webinar, and 05 are fore your reference.

00 Agenda – 20201027

01 Opening Remarks and Overview of IDC (DJ)

02. Previous Programmes and Projects that the IDC Financed (NH)

03 Covid 19 Policies and IDC Support (HL)

04 Projects and Partnerships post COVID

05-1 e2018 Corporate Profile

05-2 IDC Integrated Report 2019

05-3 IDC Annual Financial Statements 2019

05-4 IDC Annual Report 2019 additional on-line information