Another AFRECO Project for TICAD 8 ~ AI Image Diagnosis Support Demonstration Begins in Tunisia

Member company Qunie Corp. has launched a demonstration test of AI diagnostic imaging support at Abderrahmen Mami Hospital, a public tertiary hospital in Tunisia and the country’s leader in the field of pulmonary diseases. For more information, please see
As mentioned in the TICAD8 report, AFRECO has promoted and cooperated with five projects in the health field in preparation for TICAD8: the INOUE BALLOON (Toray Medical) workshop; the joint venture between G Cube and UNIMED for manufacturing test kits; the cooperation between the Foundation for the Promotion of Clinical Engineering and the Higher Institute of Medical Technologies affiliated with the University of Tunis El Manor for the training of medical engineers; the student exchange and a start-up business between Toa University and Monastir University; and this project. The five projects are at the starting line and will develop from here.