Association of African Economy and Development AFRECO

AFRCO (Association of African Economy and Development) is to deepen economic and cultural exchanges and to nurture the friendship between African countries and Japan, and to contribute to mutual prosperity. AFRECO focuses on cooperating economic activities at the grass-root level and on creating projects in African countries which could give economic impacts to the Japanese government and corporations.

Africa is now considered as the “Last Continent of Hope”, neither supported continent nor “Dark Continent”. We Japanese think that “without stability of Africa, the world is not going to build peace” so that we have strengthened the relationship with African countries.
AFRECO was set up about 50 years ago by ex-Prime Minister Mr Nobusuke Kishi who is the grandfather of present Prime Minister Mr Shinzo Abe because he was told that it is necessary to have a bridge between African countries and Japan to promote the economic activities. From the end of 1950’s, independence movements began in Africa, and many countries all over Africa became independent in 1960’s. That was also the time that the world started to show strong interests in Africa’s potentiality, and Japan got strong interests in Africa for the first time, which was called the first resources boom. AFRECO assumed big expectation from the political and business world. Since then, AFRECO has worked on many projects to connect African countries and Japan through economy, and has played important roles.
Lately, the history of Africa has been intense. Once Cuban Missile crisis broke out in 1962, proxy wars occurred everywhere in Africa because of East-West opposition and Africa
returned to the Dark Continent again. When the fall of Berlin Wall ushered in the post-Cold War period, it seemed that the peace was built in Africa, but in fact, there were countries like Angola that people were not able to enjoy the peace till 2002. Scars of the disputes are still recognized here and there in Africa.
Japan was one of the first countries that made efforts to build the relationship with African countries under such circumstance. In 1993 the first TICAD was held in Tokyo, which contributed to African countries a lot respecting the idea of “Ownership and Partnership.” After 20 years, TICAD6 was presented in Kenya, Africa, for the first time. AFRECO organized three side events: promoting smart city in Africa; networking Japanese doctors in Africa; and encouraging students’ exchange. Now we are focusing TICAD7. “The Century of Africa” has come. Now is the time for us to consider the potentiality of Africa and to get interested in Africa. We should live together and work together with people in Africa. AFRECO promise you to work hard for this purpose. Thank you for your kind understanding and support to our association.

Tetsuro Yano, President of AFRECO